Pat The Roc Ball Handling Training DVD
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Pat the Roc is thought of by many to be the best ball handler in the world. That may be debatable but what isn't debatable is the fact that he is a magician with a basketball in his hands!

In this workout DVD he explains and demonstrates all the drills he has used to develop such incredible dribbling skills

He starts out walking your through some basic drills that can be used for warm-up or for beginner players. Then he picks up the pace and makes the drills a little more challenging. Finally he provides you with the drills that have a very hard degree of difficulty that will challenge even the greatest players out there. 

When it's all said and done he takes you through over 50 drills that you can do on your own and that will help take your game to another level. Your hand speed will increase, your feel for the ball will improve and you'll have much more confidence to move freely around the defense!

It's right for any player not matter their age or playing ability. 

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